A purse that charges your phone

Hey this is pretty cool: Everpurse, a purse that seamlessly charges your smartphone is one of the many projects funded on crowd funding site Kickstarter. Everpurse is a project started by couple Liz and Dan Salcedo and has received 215% of its $100,000 goal. Apparently Everpurse can charge your iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and top selling Android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S3. I think this purse is actually useful and is not like the many other novelties funded on Kickstarter.

Everpurse uses the Qi standard of inductive charging similar to what is used in the Windows phone (Nokia’s Lumia 920) for wireless charging. I tried to understand how this method works and came across this article on Wired.co.uk that states in Qi charging ” the base station includes an induction coil that creates an alternating electromagnetic field. Meanwhile, a similar coil within the device is able to pick up this field, convert the energy into current and use it to charge the battery.”

One downside about this is the price: $99 for a fabric purse and $129 for a leather purse. And a wireless dock costs extra. Sure the price isn’t horrible given it is a charger and a purse combined but I might be more inclined to buy if the design was a bit more exciting.


  1. akanshaagrawal

    Hm I don’t know of any theory that says charging your phone produces more radiation. I feel like if anything keeping your phone next to your ear is the most harmful!

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