Augmented Reality

I found this article on TechCrunch on augmented reality particularly interesting because last week I presented on the advent of virtual fitting rooms in my Tech Trends Decal last week. I retrieved this definition from Mashable of augmented reality: “Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect, view of a physical, real-world environment whose … [Read more…]

5K in the Rain

I participated in my 4th 5K, but this the pouring rain! Thank god Jackie joined me in this otherwise I would have probably chickened-out last minute. The 5K Nutty Run was sponsored by the Cal Undergraduate Public Health Coalition (Cal UPHC) & UC Berkeley’s UNICEF to raise money for the charity organization Project Peanut … [Read more…]

Facebook is like birthday cake: too much is no good

After reading the articles “Facebook Admits Too Much Facebook Probably Isn’t Healthy” on TechCrunch and “Facebook Is Making Us Miserable” on the Harvard Business Review, I thought I would discuss the effects of information overload from Facebook. The TechCrunch article describes that before the company went IPO, Facebook used to state how many hours people … [Read more…]