1. Carl Madson

    Akansha, it’s tough to remember that you’re part of the story, but I can tell you’re getting better at the photography, and the camera certainly loves you. As a serious shooter myself I know that’s not always true — I know some people who are very easy on the eyes but can’t seem to get a quality photo of themselves. Most often the great shots happen when you get comfortable with the process and can just be yourself (or have a friend who can catch you in a natural moment). My pal Sarah has the magic touch so I just roll with it.

    The lighting at Happy Moose was great, and I like the setting. You could crop that several different ways but it works well as is. And the mural shot is super! Good call on wearing neutral colors…

    Anyway, I was looking for something about Dolores Park and ran across your blog, and enjoyed your notes about trying to get the photography right. Just in case you want to see a few I’ve taken along the way (not many of people, I admit) I’ll point you at a group of my shots on flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/cmphoto/sets/72057594113242920/

    Keep writing and shooting and sharing. Your spirit comes out of the page and that smile lights up the room. And you are fortunate to have the best model anywhere on both sides of the camera !


    • akanshaagrawal

      Thanks Carl! I wish I spent more time on photography but I do appreciate all the tips :).

      Just browsed through your flickr – you have so many amazing shots!

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