You Have As Many Hours in a Day As Beyonce

As many hours as beyonce

You may have seen this quote floating around on Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr or whatever kind of social media you’re into these days.

Maybe some male readers might be a little confused by this post but ladies, you feel me right?

This quote speaks to me, because I admire Beyonce like no other. I mean who doesn’t? She exudes self-confidence, she’s smart, sexy, and beyond talented.

So, realizing that Beyonce accomplishes everything she does with the same freaking amount of time as I have, makes me evaluate my own priorities.

Truth is, I have a tendency to find excuses. Excuses that prevent me from working a little harder, taking on new challenges, pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I’m sure we all feel these sentiments to an extent but what matter is what we do to fix them.

Next time, when I’m feeling a little lazy or demotivated, I’m going to let Queen Bey show me the way.

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